DNA the Basics- go here for replication, transcription, translation and the link to historical experiments. Good places to review the sophomore year knowledge level

DNA/RNA/genetic engineering in more advanced versions- these are the details that are your text book. Several chapters in a row have key processes we will study right thru genetic engineering- a good one-stop viewing place to review!

Plasmid replication (bidirectional) animation

Lac operon
Lac Operon- another version plus a 2nd on the site that does indcution with CAP and cAMP
Gene regulation self quiz on Lac Operon and gene expression
DNARNA Exam Review

RNAi video

Quadruplex DNA!
Double coding DNA?!
Epigenetics, select disaease, and stem cell resource

RNA targeting of select proteins used as drug therapy- new technolgy!

Genomic imprinting

Various pictures for DNARNA exam study!

Chromosome reading.png

Gene to Protein(KFogler)