Natural Selection Lab:

Lab instructions
Tables of survivorship
Enter into the correct table your groups values- be sure to click on the tab at the bottom first that matches your "environment".
You will also be viewing other environments after they have all been filled in by other groups.
Group analysis of lab Open this, make a copy, and copy it into a new googledoc page on the yarmouth googlesite, invite your group and me to be able to view/edit, this document.
Individual Analysis of selection lab and research

Click to see video

Just Cool Stuff

Venus fly trap eats frog!
Carnivorous plant- BIG one eats rodents!
Mimicry and camouflage-different types
See how Kangaroos can balance on their tail to defend themselves
Basilisk Lizard
A sea slug that is an animal but can photosynthesize!!

Ant species that are ALL female!

A blood squirting lizard!