History and Overview

DNA and Mitosis Vocabulary HW Word banks
Seeing DNA in perspective to size- a quick journey
A History and Timeline of DNA discoveries

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Interactives, articles and helpful tools

Can you build your own DNA Molecule?
Predicting hair color from DNA- a crime investigation tool!
Transcribe and translate a gene
Thinglink interactive review

Interactive-practice transcription and translation Also has other great activities and links and tutorials
DNA in nucleus and cell connection to Malaria- another cool video


DNA Replication-simple version used in class
DNA Transcription-simple version used in class
external image shockwave.gifmRNA Synthesis (593.0K)
DNA Translation-simple version used in class
Another protein synthesis (translation)-easy to follow
Another DNA replication-shows the replication bubble and Okasaki fragments
DNA Replication-with more detail-choose the first animation
Replicate DNA and do protein synthesis (transcription and translation)-click on the tabs top left and right and follow directions-wait a moment for them to load.
Protein synthesis Choose the 2nd animation
external image shockwave.gifVisualizing Transcription and Translation (699.0K)

Protein synthesis

transcription and translation(protein synthesis)

Current notes ppt

__CURRENT DNA & Protein synthesis quiz review__

**OLDER DNA, RNA test review**