Genetic problems and the genetic problem answers
Help and practice on genetic problems
Biology Place- genetic tutorialthe genetic "x files" analysis
I'm My Own Grandpa!
Genetic corn results survey to create class table Final results of corn
Colorblind test
Another colorblind test
meiosis and different chromosomal mutations (A great site to review chromosomal disorders and quiz yourself)
Inherited traits- which do you have?

Electrophoresis lab
Genetic engineering processes
Stem cells
Growing artificial organs!
Electrophoresis-has a step by step visual of what is happening.
Electrophoresis animation of the process
Electrophoresis virtual lab-can also try to solve a crime
Grow an eye from stem cells!
Stem cells without embryos- the new wave.
A great website for reviewing and seeing links to various animations on DNA and molecular genetics/genetic engineering
Practice cloning a gene yourself!
Lizards created in the lab who clone themselves.
genes put to Music! The gene code for these proteins were translated into sound-choose a protein and hear its music based on the order of the amino acids!
A great genetic website for all sorts of things- includes stem cells, cloning, engineering, how to build a DNA molecule, etc.
Sample results of electorphoresis (DNA fingerprinting):

restriction enyzmes
PCR Picture_1.png