Essential questions:

What are the common characteristics of all living organisms?

How and why do biologists organize life and name organisms?

Chapter 1 resources:

Chap.1-Sec 1.1-1.2-Active reading HW
Chap.1-Sec.1.3 HW

Chapter 17 resources:

Chap 17 HW
Chap 17 HW key
Norns dichotomous key
Tree ID online key
Tree ID Worksheet
Tree ID Instructions
Gallery walk

Chap 14 resources:
Chap 14HW :Life origins
Life Origins videos and animations

Screen shot 2012-09-19 at 3.30.03 PM.png
Endosymbiont theory

Exam Review

Test Review, 2013
Game review- a website that has some games that can quiz you on life characteristics and taxonomy (choose under structure of life)
Practice review questions
Jeopardy review game

Life Unit 2013-14 by julie raines