ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why and how do cells divide?

A Meiosis project descriptor
and Rubric


external image shockwave.gifVisualizing the Cell Cycle (592.0K)

Mitosis- the Fast simple version
Mitosis and cytokinesis
Mitosis in Onion root tip cells-learn to identify phases in real cells

Meiosis-the Fast and simple version!
Meiosis and comparison to mitosis-several good animations
Another comparison
Nondisjunction during meiosis I

How chromosomes align to be divided
Crash Course Biology videos:
__Mitosis__ __Meiosis__

MANY helpful sites with lots of activities to help learn these 2 processes: NOTE on the left bar near the bottom the links to mitosis and meiosis pages with many links for each
Word Bank for notes packet- see the 2nd and 3rd sets
Interactive tutorial on mitosis and meiosis phases
Practice phases and some self quizzing on mitosis and meiosis
great meiosis site for watching short animations , reading tutorials to help understand and trying practice questions/self quiz

Cancer- using to detect cancer cells. NPR interview

Bringing Light | Bert Klasey, Chris Baron & James Allen Smith from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

Class power points for notes


Human karyotype, Male

Click on the photo below to go to an interactive and review the mitosis and meiosis phases.
mitosis interactive