Science Olympiad Official site: go her for descriptors and links and resources as well as past event tests, etc. There is also a place to ask questions if you need clarification on an event like an instruction for building. This is a great first step for any event. Check back as the year goes on- new things are added all the time.

Student center Sci Oly : this is a GREAT site to go to for help, examples, and links to material to help you prepare! Keep in mind that as a high school we are in the C level events. This is a wiki, so various items will be added her as helps- check on it frequently.

Spreadsheet for meeting sign up : Please go here to sign up for a meeting as a team-if 2 members are teamed on more than one event we can discuss all at once. There are slots over the next 3 weeks so everyone should be able to find some times that meet their needs. The first meeting is to do a check in and discuss your needs for preparing and plan further meetings as needed. Please sign up with each of your different events with the other team member(s). PLEASE BRING YOUR EVENT SHEETS!
If a slot is taken** and it is a before school or a break, you will need to pick a different one. BUT If it is a class period, you can come the 2nd half, so sign up for the a time 45 min. into the period after the team who is already in that slot.