AP Bio- Big Ideas: a class shared document to summarize the key ideas throughout the year- we will add examples to each essential knowledge concept for each unit as we progress. This will serve as a great study tool for the exam.

Modeling as a key practice within the 4 big ideas: Gives diff. examples of modeling and the types of questions that may be in the AP Exam as well as reveiwing some key concepts in Biology
Using Math as a way to analyze biological concepts applied to the 4 big ideas
Scientific questioning: how to formulate questions and ex. for the exam
Data collection as it relates to the big ideas
Analysis and evaluation of data: how data is displayed and then analyzed and typical practice questions for the AP exam
Scientific theories and how developed and big ones for the big ideas
Scale, concepts and representations: making connections at a scaled level as well as cross dicsiplinary

BOZMAN on Key topics
Bozman AP Bio videos : all the topics and they are linked to the Big ideas and to our labs- GREAT resource!

Our text: This is a companion site for our text with self quizzes and flashcards, etc. to help prep for a test.

Hippocampus-Biology text topic help with animations
On the left, choose Biology then Biology II AP then in the middle under course tab pick Solomon text. What will come up is the whole book by page and topic. The version here is version 7e and ours is newer so pages will not be same but the topics are. Click on a topic and view the animation!

The Biology Place-Lab Bench: this site has a review and practices for each of the required AP Labs- VERY helpful!

Summary of the 12 Labs- quick ppt review for AP Exam for the lab-based essay. See above link for more detail and actual lab data.

VERY useful animations! this site has most of the McGraw Hill animations we watch in class

Prezi summaries for all major topics! (created by David Knuffke) Really useful, great to use before a test and before the AP Exam.

Miniposter guidelines
Use this to help you design your mini-poster for an effective presentation
Step by step Scientific poster dos and don'ts

Digital Microscope callibration

Our APBIO blog:
Join this to be able to do various HW assignments.
Classzone (McDougal Littell study resource)
There are many resources here to help you. You will have some homework assignments from here, like the virtual labs. Choose the category being asked for and follow the links from there. No code is needed for this site.

LIFE (WHFreeman study source)
This has all the animated tutorials and interactives that accompany the Life text- a great resource. You will have some homework assignments from here like the web activities. Choose the category being asked for and follow the links from there. No code is needed for this site.

Biology (Hoefnagels text animations site)
Excellent animations here as well

RAINES teacher webpage-APBio:
Many links here to helpful websites

lots of animations to help with basic concepts

Teachersdomain: CLASS CODE is 2671-
you must set up an free account first. You will need to scroll down on a menu when prompted to do so to choose Yarmouth and once registered, choose to join a group and choose YHS biology. No need to give them your email address unless you tend to forget your password. Again, record your sign in name and password and this code somewhere for quick access. (most of you are already members if you remember your password from Sophmore year)