1. Basic Biology Info : Everything you need to know about course expectations.

2. Materials needed for BiologyWhat to obtain before school starts

3. Grading method-Examples
This explains how your grade is calculated for this class based on total pts. and gives several examples of a hypothetical student's grades.

4. Grade data table w/formulas
This a useful, optional, tool you can use to figure out your own grade average even before Power school gets updated every week or so. Here is a tutorial on how to use this spreadsheet.

Summer assignment for Biology
Assignment-Part 1:

Assignment Part 2- a 3x5 card


Summer assignment for AP BIO

Virtual lab for Chap 1 summer assignment

AP Bio: Chap 1 & 2 handouts: these were given out on step up day. Those who signed up in the summer please see guidance for a copy.
Also see the above link for the virtual lab listed in the chap 1 HW questions.