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Here you will find Homework assignments and a class calendar to help you keep track as well as various useful documents and links.
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Biology Links for easy, fast access:

1. Glencoe(our online text):*For the Online Student edition: click on the Online student edition link under Textbook Resources, then follow the link to the page that asks for the following CODE: E6F15276ED
Click above link to your book website: You can search the text by topic or key words or by chapter or sections or page. You can use the + sign to magnify the page.
*Also there is the Glencoe student study website. Click on site map in the red bar and there are many resources to help you study and review. Under each chapter choice will be practice test and virtual labs or activities. You can also choose the chapter resources on the side bar for some more links to help. All the text concepts in motion are in one place here to help review or when doing homework that has a filmstrip icon.
*When asked to do the online Homework assignments this student study site is where you go to find them. When loading the labs be patient, they take time to load- read the directions/background while waiting. NOTE!! Make a copy of any data table for a rough draft on your desktop and then fill in at all once on the program as they do not save data between experiments.
*Glencoe also has a great Animation site -many of these are done in class and you can review them here or see others related to them as well as try self quizzes..

2.Classzone (McDougal Littell study resource)
There are many resources here to help you. You will have some homework assignments from here, like the virtual labs. Choose the category being asked for and follow the links from there. No code is needed for this site. These data tables do save as you go as long as you do not leave the activity.

3. Our shared class wiki:
You will be accessing this for some documents and in 2 projects you will be contributing to this page for all classes to access. Join this wiki now so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

4. Yarmouth schools googledocs
This is our school googledocs site. You must use this site for our class googledocs work- your personal google account will not work. The format for your log in name is given in the box at the center of the page. Go to the very bottom of the page in the thin green bar where it says signin - click on that to get the login page. The password for everyone is : yarmouth. A new page will come up with you signed in . Go to the top left corner and choose googledocs to find your groupwork documents. If you created it, it will be under "owned by me" on the left. Otherwise it will be under "Opened by me" for any that you were invited to.

5. RAINES teacher webpage:
Many links here to helpful websites and http://nhscience.lonestar.edu/biol//bio1int.htm
lots of animations to help with basic concepts (this can also be accessed on the above Raines site by choosing animations and then Biology1 or you can save the link itself)

6. Teachersdomain:
CLASS CODE is 2671- you must set up an free account first. You will need to scroll down on a menu when prompted to do so to choose Yarmouth and once registered, choose to join a group and choose YHS biology. No need to give them your email address unless you tend to forget your password. Again, record your sign in name and password and this code somewhere for quick access.